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Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but you shouldn't have to feel that way. We currently have an early service Sundays at 8:30AM. Sunday School is available for all ages starting at 9:45AM. Walk into our Welcome Center and we can direct you to your class. At 10:50 our regular morning worship begins, and will end around noon...or shortly after!

We typically sing hymns for our corporate worship, with lyrics on screen as well as hymnals in the pews. Bro. Michael Mize brings the message and will not water down the Gospel. You can expect to go through scriptures verse by verse, with explanation of customs during the time it was written, as well application for today. Bro. Mize preaches from the New King James Version, but feel free to use the translation most comfortable to you.

"Come as you are." If you are worried about what to wear- we have some members wear suits, while many wear jeans and a shirt. Don't let NOT having the "right clothes" keep you from joining us for worship. This church is made up of imperfect people worshiping the one true God, living in accordance to His perfect plan.

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If you have attended our services and interested in joining New Hope Baptist Church, fill out this form and Bro. Michael Mize looks forward to meeting with you.