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Facilities Use

Facilities Use - General

Facilities Use- Funeral

Facilities Use- Wedding

Policies & Procedures for Facilities Use (2018)

Purpose: Our church buildings and property are considered holy ground and it is a special place set aside by God for His people to worship. It is a symbol of hope and faith in our community.

Oversight: The facilities are overseen by the church members. Usage of the facilities may be approved by the Pastor and Deacons rather than take each matter to the church. The Pastor and Deacons have the right to refuse anyone or any group.

Priority: Priority of the facilities will be given to church members at no cost unless the facility is not properly cleaned. Non-church members will be asked for a $100 deposit in which will be returned after the event if the facility is clean and back in order.

Scheduling of Events: The form must be filled out by the group or guests wanting to use the facilities. The form must be turned into the Pastor, one of the Deacons, Treasurer Sheree Mize, Kathy Lewis, and/or Susan Patton. Once the form is approved the church calendar committee will put the event on the church calendar.


1. Alcohol- No alcohol will be consumed on or in any part of this property.

2. Smoking- New Hope Baptist Church is a smoke free facility. Smoking is prohibited in the facility and on the outside of the grounds.

3. Dancing- There will be no dancing at the church facilities.

4. The church facilities will only be used for assemblies such as funerals, weddings, reunions, groups that encourage and support our doctrine, etc.

5. We ask that the groups that reserve the event stay in the intended area in which they have reserved.

6. Food and beverage should remain only in the Fellowship Hall.

7. The tables, chairs, pews, pulpit, communion table, and any other furniture will be put back in its regular spot so that worship services can resume as normal at the next appointed time.

8. Tables and chairs will only be allowed for use outside the facility as approved by Pastor and Deacons.

9. All lights will be turned off and doors locked upon departure.

10. Clean up is the attending group’s responsibility. If the kitchen is used, we expect dishes, utensils, and any other item used to be properly washed and cleaned. The floor needs to be swept and mopped if applicable. All trash needs to be tied up and taken out to be put in the trash container located out front of the fellowship hall.

11. Anyone involved in drinking, drug use, violent behavior, excessive language, and/or any behavior not pleasing to God we will ask that person to leave. If the person does not leave, we will call Wood County Sheriff’s Office to have them removed.

12. If the screen and audio equipment is needed, we will require a $50 service fee for our Audio-Visual Technology director to run it.

13. Facility use hours are from 8AM until 9PM. Any hours before or after must be approved by the Pastor and the Deacons.

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